Month: July 2013

Rachel Jenteel Silences Media

Rachel Jenteel Silences Media

Since Rachel Jenteel told the Huffington Post last week that she believed Trayvon took the first punch, the media coverage of the Zimmerman case has virtually stopped.

As much as I hate to admit, Rush Limbaugh was right on this one: no one in the “lame-stream” media has even touched her incriminating statement about Trayvon Martin.  So not only did the liberal media sacrifice their journalistic integrity and do great damage to their credibility, they gave Limbaugh a win.  They gave the far right wingnuts a win.  For that alone they should apologize!

Rachel JenteelHow could the media’s interest, the public’s interest, in the “civil rights case of the century” dissipate so quickly?  Where are the protesters?  The reverends?  Where’s Spike Lee?  And where are the Black Panthers?  The NAACP?  Where did all that black indignation go?  Where did the sugary overcompensating self-congratulatory white pandering go?

Here’s the only question that matters: Where is the apology to George Zimmerman?  If Spike Lee, or any Black Panther, or Sharpton had even a fraction of the decency that Mr. Zimmerman, by all accounts, possesses, they would apologize for their shameful behavior.