Month: August 2013

WWII Vet Beaten to Death with Flashlights

WWII Vet Beaten to Death with Flashlights

Delbert Belton, an 88-year old WWII veteran, was beaten to death by two black thugs.  They used flashlights to beat him while he sat in his car.

Delbert Belton - WWII VetSo much for the argument by black liberals, like that of Richard Fowler on Fox News this week: “If these kids didn’t have a gun, Christopher Lane would be alive today.”  While this is a dumb remark to begin with, this case certainly proves it wrong.  If someone wants to kill someone bad enough, almost anything will do.  In this case, flashlights.

So I guess people like Fowler will be demanding more flashlight-control laws.  After all, it can’t be the fault of the thug, or the thug’s parents, or the thug’s community, or of the gangsta culture in black America and the thug’s desire to be a part of it.  And it can’t be the increased anger against white people in young, black America in the wake of the Zimmerman case, which is due solely to the false narrative told by the likes of Al Sharpton, Piers Morgan, and the rest of the people in the Zimmerman Lynch Mob.

It just can’t be any of those things because that might offend someone. Or, worse, it might reveal their complicity.

Christopher Lane’s Blood on Media’s Hands

Christopher Lane’s Blood on Media’s Hands

The blood of Christopher Lane is on the hands of the following journalists, celebrities, legal analysts, lawyers, and politicians.

Christoper Lane

Piers Morgan (CNN)
Al Sharpton (MSNBC)
Sonny Hostin (CNN)
Nancy Grace (HLN)
Jane-Velez Mitchell (HLN)
Lawrence O’Donnell (MSNBC)
Melissa-Harris Perry (MSNBC)
Jonathan Capehart (MSNBC)
Joy Reid (MSNBC)
Chris Hayes (MSNBC)
Martin Bashir (MSNBC)
Paul Henderson
Charles Blow
Richard Fowler
Glenda Hatchett
Toure (MSNBC)
Lisa Bloom (MSNBC)
Eugene Robinson (MSNBC)
Juan Williams (FOX)
Faith Jenkins (MSNBC)
Zachary Carter (MSNBC)
Goldie Taylor (MSNBC)
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)
Bill Maher (HBO)
Steven Colbert (The Colbert Report)
John Oliver (The Daily Show)
Marc Lamont-Hill
Mo Ivory
Oprah Winfrey
Ben Crump
Darryl Parks
Sybrina Fulton
Tracy Martin
Jay Z
Spike Lee
Barack Obama

If you know of anyone I’ve missed, please let me know.

We must hold them accountable.

Fowler: It’s the Gun’s Fault

Fowler: It’s the Gun’s Fault

Yesterday, Richard Fowler, a black liberal, said on Fox news that “if these kids didn’t have a gun, Christopher Lane would be alive today.” Really? How anyone could possibly know this is beyond me. They may have just beaten him to death. Or Richard Fowlerrun over him. Then, I suppose, he would be blaming the car.

Besides, there are a lot of “ifs” that could be called out here, all of them more important than whether or not they had a gun. If they were at home, for example, Lane would be alive. If they were studying. If they were playing basketball or football or riding their bikes. If they were at work. If they were out fishing with their dad. If they were helping their mother with housework.

The list is almost infinite. But at least these are things that we can control, and that can have a more immediate impact, and that doesn’t need an act of Congress – literally. But keep talking about gun control, Fowler, because that will ensure that no black person gets offended – and that the problem will persist.

Finally, while I’m no big fan of guns, I did have a .22 when I was a kid.  I shot it at tin cans, milk jugs, and paper targets nailed to trees.  But somehow I managed to not kill anyone with it.

Three Thugs and a Gun

Three Thugs and a Gun

Star Jones appeared on Piers Morgan last night to talk about last week’s horrific shooting death of Christopher Lane.  Star JonesLane was a 22-year old Aussie going to college in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship. He was jogging when three teens drove up behind him, shot him in the back, and left him for dead. The three ranged in ages from 15 to 17, two were black, and one white.

While it’s still too early to know who the ring-leader was, or who pulled the trigger, there is little doubt these three thugs were responsible. In fact they told the police they did it “because they were bored.” There’s also evidence they wanted to be “gangstas,” and at least one of them had a criminal past.

I can hear Bill O-Reilly congratulating himself already. And he should.

Last night Piers Morgan, who labeled George Zimmerman a racist and a murderer just weeks after the shooting, and sticks to that unfounded position even today, never even brought up the issue of race. Neither did Ms. Jones. Not once.

Instead they talked about gun control. And while I agree with Morgan on many gun control issues, like background checks and limited magazines, he is way off when it comes to racial issues. He would rather pander to black America than actually help them.

In fact, it seems he would rather talk about anything but personal responsibility or parental influence, or the lack of male role models, or the pervasive “gangsta culture” in young, black America, and that these thugs were apparently a part of.  These in fact are topics to be carefully avoided on CNN.

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Stop and Frisk is not Racist

Stop and Frisk is not Racist

Meet the Press
Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dick Gregory talks to Ray Kelly, NYC Police Commissioner; Ben Jealous, head of NAACP; and Sybrina Fulton (along with the ever-present Ben Crump).  Again, we see the false cries of racism from these race-baiting opportunists.  Here’s my take.

David Gregory - Meet the PressA New York judge recently declared “stop and frisk” unconstitutional, saying that “the policy of targeting the right people is racially discriminatory and therefore violates the United States constitution.”  So, while Judge Shiendlin admits that the right people are being stopped, she has a problem with how many of them happen to be black (52%) or Hispanic (31%).  (White people come up third at an unimpressive 10%).  I guess the percentage for Asians was too small to even make the list.  But you don’t see them complaining.

Maybe Asians don’t make the list because there are far less Asian neighborhoods rife with crime, daily shootings, violence, drugs on every corner, and gangs.  It seems only reasonable for fewer cops to patrol these safer neighborhoods.  And it seems only reasonable that less Asians will be stopped and frisked.

But, using the reasoning of Judge Shiendlin, this could be a violation of the constitution, in that the police stop far too many white people as compared to Asians.  It therefore must be a case of discrimination against white people, right?  We can play this game all day.

Statistics are often interpreted improperly, but you don’t expect it from a federal judge.  Just because a larger percentage of white people are stopped as compared to Asians, that doesn’t mean that the cops are racially profiling white people.  And just because blacks are overrepresented, it doesn’t mean that cops are racially profiling black people.

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Only in America

Only in America

Only in America can a man – a man volunteering his time to be the neighborhood watch for a community experiencing break-ins, home invasions, and burglaries; a man who tutors black children and once helped a black homeless man when no one else would; a man working to be a police officer and maybe someday a prosecutor, and is taking classes to that end; a man that’s soft-spoken, conscientious to a fault, and liked by just about everyone who knows him – only in this country, can such a man be branded a violent, murdering racist.George Zimmerman

The Martin family had no intention of pursuing the case against Zimmerman.  Do you wonder why that is?  Maybe they knew what we all do now – that Trayvon was a violent kid that liked to fight.  The police, after a highly scrutinized, ultra-thorough investigation, which included dozens of interviews, said there was no case.  Every impartial analyst, pundit, or lawyer on TV said there was no case.  The Sanford D.A., not wanting to try the case, recused himself.  A special prosecutor was appointed by the governor, and the grand jury was by-passed altogether — which means that even the prosecution knew they had no case!

This was no court case; this was a show.  A show was put on at taxpayer’s expense to placate all the angry, self-righteous, professional civil rights advocates that paraded into Sanford last year.  Well, they got their show and now George Zimmerman will spend the rest of his life in fear.  I hope that nothing happens to Mr. Zimmerman, but if it does, his blood will be on the hands of these self-promoting race-baiters like Mr. Crump, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Jesse Jackson Jr., and just about every black pastor, TV lawyer, and pundit in the country who, even after the verdict, continue to fan the flames of racial indignation, when race had nothing to do with it.  Nothing.

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Facial Profiling

Facial Profiling

Reality star, Jase Robertson, of the smash-hit cable TV series, Duck Dynasty, was kicked out of a posh NYC hotel last week when the concierge mistook him for a homeless man.  Robertson has a full, unkempt beard and his fashion style can best be described as “backwoods couture.”

Jase Robertson - Duck DynastyRoberston handled it with humor, saying it was a case of “facial profiling.”  If only everyone had his sense of humility.

No doubt, if he had been black, the country would be up in arms claiming racism, racial injustice, racial profiling.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would already be camping out in front of the hotel, protesting and organizing boycotts.  Comparisons to pre-civil rights era discrimination would be bandied about willy-nilly; the NAACP would be demanding an investigation by the Justice Department; the Black Panthers would have a reward for the concierge’s head; and Spike Lee would be Twittering his address (or his neighbor’s) so revenge could be exacted on the hapless hotel clerk.

And, most likely, they would all get what they want.  The concierge would be fired and probably have to spend the rest of his life in hiding.  It happened to George Zimmerman.  And it could happen to you.

This is America fifty years after the Martin Luther King speech that changed the country?  I have a dream, too:  That when it comes to judging the actions of complete strangers, we don’t assume racism is the cause until we have solid evidence to that fact.  In other words, before you judge a man, know the content of his character.