Don Lemon’s Advice to Black Teens

Don Lemon’s Advice to Black Teens

There are some notable exceptions to the horrendous, shamefully biased coverage of the Zimmerman case, and to the generally superficial and vaccuous on-air discussions about Don Lemon - CNNrace.  A few of them, like Don Lemon on CNN, never lost their journalistic integrity during thier coverage of the case.  And Lemon continues to discuss racism in an honest and forthright way. 

He even had the courage to say “Bill O’Reilly didn’t go far enough” regarding O’Reilly’s advice to black teens the previous night on The Factor.  Lemon listed off five pieces of advice to black teens, all far more practical than Piers Morgan’s war on guns.

Lemon List:

  1. Just because you can have a baby, doesn’t mean you should.
  2. Finish school.
  3. Respect your community.
  4. Don’t use N-word.
  5. Pull up your pants.

Not only did Lemon take a stand during his CNN slot, he also defended his position afterward.  In spite of the backlash from the liberal media and being called an “Uncle Tom” by black activists, journalists, radio-show hosts, and a couple of reverends, Lemon did not back down. 

That’s integrity, folks.  You don’t see it much anymore on cable news, so let it soak in.


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