O’Reilly on Oprah (Oh boy)

O’Reilly on Oprah (Oh boy)

Bill O’Reilly went after Oprah tonight.  While I agree that Oprah did the wrong thing, it is for entirely different reasons.  O’Reilly thinks her actions are wrong because they give credence to the “victimhood” theory of black culture, and that it fuels the so-called “grievance industry.”

Bill OReilly - FOXThat may be true.  And I agree that it’s a big problem, and that people like Al Sharpton are the cause of it, and that it is hurting black Americans.

But the question is whether or not the act of the Swiss shop girl was racist.  And, more importantly, how improper it is to play the race card so willy-nilly.  We shouldn’t assume, not even for the point of discussion, that the girl was racist.

Besides, even if we take Oprah at her word, there are countless other reasons for the girl’s behavior (see Et Tu, Oprah). Oprah even mentioned that she was “dressed down.” Isn’t it much more likely that she was judged by her attire than by her color?

I mean, I’m a white man and I get that kind of treatment from snobby store clerks on a regular basis.  (Never wear sweat pants in a Neimann-Marcus.).  And nine times out of ten their right: I can’t afford it!   I just figure they get asked to see the good stuff behind the glass so much — for no sale — that they just want to save themselves some work.  It may be poor customer relations, but I never took it personally.

The point is, we need to exhaust all other possibilities before we bring racism into it.  O’Reilly should have pointed out how reckless it is to play the race card prematurely — especially if you’re rich and famous.

Haven’t we learned from the media lynching of George Zimmerman (see CNN’s Opening Segment)?  He’s no racist.  And I’m betting the Swiss shop girl isn’t either.

If it turns out Oprah did this for the PR, and to promote her movie coming out, then I will be very disappointed.  Oh, say it isn’t so, O.


6 thoughts on “O’Reilly on Oprah (Oh boy)

  1. I never thought I’d agree with Bill O’Reilly. He definitely has his own agenda.
    But like they say ‘it takes one to know one’. Reality check….this is all showbiz, my friend! O’Reilly and Oprah are on the top of the heap and masters of their craft. If you look at the original E Tonight clip

    you can see how she segued from her movie to this incident. THIS WAS ALL SCRIPTED AND PLANNED. Sorry for the caps.

    Now, Flip to the present and watch how she distances herself from this incident, but all the time STILL getting press and publicity for herself and her movie. If ever you get time check Oprah’s endorsement of quack faith healer john of god of brazil. This guy cures cancers by an old carny trick of sticking forceps up your nose and was thoroughly debunked by James Randi and American Cancer Society. But, watch Oprah’s act of believing and endorsing this as new age medicine. Priceless, now she’s doing the same act with a different show!

    1. Wow! I had no idea that she endorsed that quack in Brazil. That’s a bigger story than the purse. I don’t disagree that this is all showbiz — but that doesn’t make it right. Oprah’s brand is crumbling…

  2. Just curious…isn’t racism pretty unusual in Europe? I always assumed (there I go again…assuming) that Blacks were much more highly regarded there. If so, I would have to agree (or hope) that the sales clerk was judging her on her attire and not her color. Most of the sales clerks in these high-dollar stores are trained to be snooty — that’s what their clientele expect.

  3. Rhae, it’s important in this day and age to be aware of our assumptions , bias and prejudices. We all have them and use them. IMHO, awareness is the key to combat racism and injustice. Finding and speaking the truth. I’m glad you’re wise enough to use this awareness and understand your assumption of the Swiss. But, why do we all generally make the ASSUMPTION that Oprah is telling any part of the truth at all??!!

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