Facial Profiling

Facial Profiling

Reality star, Jase Robertson, of the smash-hit cable TV series, Duck Dynasty, was kicked out of a posh NYC hotel last week when the concierge mistook him for a homeless man.  Robertson has a full, unkempt beard and his fashion style can best be described as “backwoods couture.”

Jase Robertson - Duck DynastyRoberston handled it with humor, saying it was a case of “facial profiling.”  If only everyone had his sense of humility.

No doubt, if he had been black, the country would be up in arms claiming racism, racial injustice, racial profiling.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would already be camping out in front of the hotel, protesting and organizing boycotts.  Comparisons to pre-civil rights era discrimination would be bandied about willy-nilly; the NAACP would be demanding an investigation by the Justice Department; the Black Panthers would have a reward for the concierge’s head; and Spike Lee would be Twittering his address (or his neighbor’s) so revenge could be exacted on the hapless hotel clerk.

And, most likely, they would all get what they want.  The concierge would be fired and probably have to spend the rest of his life in hiding.  It happened to George Zimmerman.  And it could happen to you.

This is America fifty years after the Martin Luther King speech that changed the country?  I have a dream, too:  That when it comes to judging the actions of complete strangers, we don’t assume racism is the cause until we have solid evidence to that fact.  In other words, before you judge a man, know the content of his character.


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