Only in America

Only in America

Only in America can a man – a man volunteering his time to be the neighborhood watch for a community experiencing break-ins, home invasions, and burglaries; a man who tutors black children and once helped a black homeless man when no one else would; a man working to be a police officer and maybe someday a prosecutor, and is taking classes to that end; a man that’s soft-spoken, conscientious to a fault, and liked by just about everyone who knows him – only in this country, can such a man be branded a violent, murdering racist.George Zimmerman

The Martin family had no intention of pursuing the case against Zimmerman.  Do you wonder why that is?  Maybe they knew what we all do now – that Trayvon was a violent kid that liked to fight.  The police, after a highly scrutinized, ultra-thorough investigation, which included dozens of interviews, said there was no case.  Every impartial analyst, pundit, or lawyer on TV said there was no case.  The Sanford D.A., not wanting to try the case, recused himself.  A special prosecutor was appointed by the governor, and the grand jury was by-passed altogether — which means that even the prosecution knew they had no case!

This was no court case; this was a show.  A show was put on at taxpayer’s expense to placate all the angry, self-righteous, professional civil rights advocates that paraded into Sanford last year.  Well, they got their show and now George Zimmerman will spend the rest of his life in fear.  I hope that nothing happens to Mr. Zimmerman, but if it does, his blood will be on the hands of these self-promoting race-baiters like Mr. Crump, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Jesse Jackson Jr., and just about every black pastor, TV lawyer, and pundit in the country who, even after the verdict, continue to fan the flames of racial indignation, when race had nothing to do with it.  Nothing.

But let’s not forget the American media’s role in this fiasco.  Without the media, this simple open-and-shut, self-defense case would never have turned into the “civil rights case of the century.”  To Piers Morgan, who convicted Zimmerman a year and a half ago, along with Nancy Grace, Joy Reid, Melissa-Harris Perry, Sonny Hostin, and just about every African-American talking-head on television, George Zimmerman was a racist that murdered a cute, innocent black child just for being black and eating Skittles.  Even today, after a not guilty verdict in an American court of law, where the evidence was overwhelmingly for Mr. Zimmerman, every one of these pundits, many of them lawyers, still claim that there was “plenty of evidence to convict on second-degree murder” and that, as Sonny Hostin said, “justice took the day off today.”  What do they know that the six jurors didn’t?  As representatives of the American legal system, they should be ashamed.

Trayvon MartinTrayvon Martin’s death is tragic, but he was no angel.  We have pictures of Trayvon Martin holding a gun, of him doing drugs, of a bag of pot; and we have text messages on his phone saying the last guy he fought “aint bleed nuff”; he had texts about the (illegal) procurement of a pistol; he had texts about the (illegal) procurement of drugs; he had gold teeth caps; he called Mr. Zimmerman a “cracker”; he was caught with stolen jewelry and a “burglary tool”in 2011; according to his cousin, he assaulted a bus driver; his dad is either in a gang, was in a gang, or has a bunch of sign-throwing, gang-member friends; his dad covered up a gang tattoo after the case went national (with image of praying hands); and Trayvon was on suspension from his school for possession of drugs.  In fact, his mother kicked him out of the house just week earlier.  Whatever and wherever he is now, he was no angel here on earth.

Does stating these well-known facts make me a racist?  Has it come to the point in this country when we can’t state bald facts about someone without being labeled a racist?  When I first heard of this case; that is, when I first heard that a large white man shot and killed a poor little black boy armed only with Skittles, I was outraged.  I was the first to take to the internet to figure out how such an injustice could occur in this great country.  How could some gun-toting, racist, wannabe cop gun down a little child and get away with it?  How could this cute little kid in the football jersey be “profiled” as criminal simply because he was black?  What kind of an evil beast is this George Zimmerman, and what the hell is wrong with the Sanford Police?  Are they a bunch of racists, too?

After only a few days of looking into it, I had completely reversed myself.  The facts are all out there.  The difference between me and, say, Piers Morgan, Sonny Hostin, Melissa Harris-Perry, Joy Ried, Ben Jealous, Ben Crump, and Nancy Grace, for example, is that, in my investigation, I was looking for the truth.  The black people mentioned above look mainly for retribution.  The white people listed above just hate being wrong.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that George Zimmerman is a racist, or that he did anything wrong.  He shot the person that, by most accounts, was beating him mercilessly.  He screamed for help for 40 seconds before he realized no one was coming.  How long would you let yourself get punched in the nose, or let your head get slammed into concrete, before you pull the trigger?

Okay, try this.  Look at your watch and notice where the second-hand is.  Now close your eyes and imagine getting punched repeatedly with your head hitting the sidewalk.  Keep your eyes closed for as long as you think you would wait before you pulled the trigger.  When you open your eyes, check the second-hand.  How long was it?  If it’s less than 40 seconds, and you’re not black, you must be a racist.


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