CNN used to be my go-to channel for news, but their coverage of the Zimmerman case was so unabashedly one-sided they lost my trust.

Piers Morgan - CNNThe worst offender on CNN is Piers Morgan, followed by Sunny Hostin.  It’s a close call, though, because Sunny is a lawyer and really should know better; but Piers has his own show and influences more people, so as far as the impact on the public, he’s the “cock of the walk”.

Piers Morgan lost all credibility with me.  I used to like him.  I was with him all the way on the gun control issues like background checks and limited magazines for assault rifles.  He helped expose a nasty right-wing gun lobby and went head-to-head with the NRA.  I respected that.  While I didn’t know him before his show began in 2010, and didn’t really watch it that much until the Newtown nightmare, I grew to like him and shared his indignation.  Piers represented a lot of people like me who think America’s gun laws are woefully flawed, and that the gun lobby has far too much political power.  But, in the Zimmerman case, he lost me.

Sunny Hostin had Zimmerman convicted on the very first on-air discussion of the case (see CNN’s Opening Segment), and to this day thinks he’s guilty of second-degree murder.  As Mark Garegos said to her on-air just a day Sunny Hostin - CNNafter the verdict, she is “100% wrong about everything in this case.”  I honestly don’t know why CNN keeps her on the payroll.  Maybe that’s why she was so hard at work getting her contract renewed with CNN while she was supposed to be watching and reporting on the trial.

In the posts on this blog, I will use actual transcripts from the CNN website to show that their reporting on the Zimmerman case was unprofessional, misleading, and dishonest.  I’ll also take a few stabs at Anderson Cooper, Jeffrey Toobin, Mark Geragos, and few other bubble-heads along the way.


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