While not much journalistic integrity is expected from the likes of Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell, it is only fair that these two TV lawyers be called out for their blatant disregard for the American legal process during their 16-month vituperative of George Zimmerman and simultaneous canonization of Trayvon Martin.

Nancy Grace - HLNNancy “subtle as a flying brick” Grace, who is the epitome of everything wrong with on-air legal analysis, is also one of the worst offenders in the Zimmerman media lynching.  She actually goes so far as to cut the mic of anyone disagreeing with her.  Her crocodile tears and sanctimonious, overly-sentimental monologues on this case are so phony they could be mistaken for parody.

Velez-Mitchell is like a chihuahua that won’t stop barking.  And since there is no muzzle big enough, I can only call keep a log of all her howling and barking and growling, so that I have something to give to Animal Control when they show up with the net.


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