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Three Thugs and a Gun

Three Thugs and a Gun

Star Jones appeared on Piers Morgan last night to talk about last week’s horrific shooting death of Christopher Lane.  Star JonesLane was a 22-year old Aussie going to college in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship. He was jogging when three teens drove up behind him, shot him in the back, and left him for dead. The three ranged in ages from 15 to 17, two were black, and one white.

While it’s still too early to know who the ring-leader was, or who pulled the trigger, there is little doubt these three thugs were responsible. In fact they told the police they did it “because they were bored.” There’s also evidence they wanted to be “gangstas,” and at least one of them had a criminal past.

I can hear Bill O-Reilly congratulating himself already. And he should.

Last night Piers Morgan, who labeled George Zimmerman a racist and a murderer just weeks after the shooting, and sticks to that unfounded position even today, never even brought up the issue of race. Neither did Ms. Jones. Not once.

Instead they talked about gun control. And while I agree with Morgan on many gun control issues, like background checks and limited magazines, he is way off when it comes to racial issues. He would rather pander to black America than actually help them.

In fact, it seems he would rather talk about anything but personal responsibility or parental influence, or the lack of male role models, or the pervasive “gangsta culture” in young, black America, and that these thugs were apparently a part of.  These in fact are topics to be carefully avoided on CNN.

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Don Lemon’s Advice to Black Teens

Don Lemon’s Advice to Black Teens

There are some notable exceptions to the horrendous, shamefully biased coverage of the Zimmerman case, and to the generally superficial and vaccuous on-air discussions about Don Lemon - CNNrace.  A few of them, like Don Lemon on CNN, never lost their journalistic integrity during thier coverage of the case.  And Lemon continues to discuss racism in an honest and forthright way. 

He even had the courage to say “Bill O’Reilly didn’t go far enough” regarding O’Reilly’s advice to black teens the previous night on The Factor.  Lemon listed off five pieces of advice to black teens, all far more practical than Piers Morgan’s war on guns.

Lemon List:

  1. Just because you can have a baby, doesn’t mean you should.
  2. Finish school.
  3. Respect your community.
  4. Don’t use N-word.
  5. Pull up your pants.

Not only did Lemon take a stand during his CNN slot, he also defended his position afterward.  In spite of the backlash from the liberal media and being called an “Uncle Tom” by black activists, journalists, radio-show hosts, and a couple of reverends, Lemon did not back down. 

That’s integrity, folks.  You don’t see it much anymore on cable news, so let it soak in.

CNN’s Opening Segment

CNN’s Opening Segment

CNN, AC360 MAR 19, 2012

Let’s take a look at how CNN introduced the George Zimmerman (GZ) case to the world. Keep in mind the shooting was only three weeks earlier and this is CNN’s very first prime-time discussion. Anderson Cooper (AC) first summarize the case, then reports that Zimmerman hasn’t been charged because the Sanford police say they have “no evidence to Anderson Cooperdispute his claim of self-defense.” But Cooper goes on to say, “Keeping them honest, though, from everything we’ve heard today, there is something.” So we see that within the opening paragraph of CNN’s prime-time coverage – in the introduction to the segment – Cooper is already implying that the Sanford police department is either incompetent or corrupt.

Let’s pick it up from there with an excerpt from the actual transcript:

AC: 911 tapes of the incident seemed to show that Zimmerman did not flee or even simply stand his ground as Florida’s deadly force law permits. But that he pursued Trayvon Martin with a 9-millimeter pistol.

Now Martin, remember, was on the way back to his dad’s fiancé’s condo to watch the NBA All-Star game. He wasn’t armed, he was carrying a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. He was wearing jeans, white tennis sneakers, and a hoodie.

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