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Punch the First White Person!

Well, it looks like we have three more victims of the media lynch mob.  A black man in New York city, after proclaiming he was going to “punch the first white person” he saw, proceeded to punch and critically injure three unsuspecting white people as they walked down the street.  Their ages ranged from 18 to 69 years old, the oldest still in critical condition.

We are experiencing a rash of crimes against white people, perpetrated by blacks, unlike I’ve ever seen.  Is there any doubt that this heightened racial animus is due to the lies told by the American media and the race-baiters like Sharpton, Jealous, and Jackson during the Zimmerman case?

When will we hold them accountable for their complicity?

Stop and Frisk is not Racist

Stop and Frisk is not Racist

Meet the Press
Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dick Gregory talks to Ray Kelly, NYC Police Commissioner; Ben Jealous, head of NAACP; and Sybrina Fulton (along with the ever-present Ben Crump).  Again, we see the false cries of racism from these race-baiting opportunists.  Here’s my take.

David Gregory - Meet the PressA New York judge recently declared “stop and frisk” unconstitutional, saying that “the policy of targeting the right people is racially discriminatory and therefore violates the United States constitution.”  So, while Judge Shiendlin admits that the right people are being stopped, she has a problem with how many of them happen to be black (52%) or Hispanic (31%).  (White people come up third at an unimpressive 10%).  I guess the percentage for Asians was too small to even make the list.  But you don’t see them complaining.

Maybe Asians don’t make the list because there are far less Asian neighborhoods rife with crime, daily shootings, violence, drugs on every corner, and gangs.  It seems only reasonable for fewer cops to patrol these safer neighborhoods.  And it seems only reasonable that less Asians will be stopped and frisked.

But, using the reasoning of Judge Shiendlin, this could be a violation of the constitution, in that the police stop far too many white people as compared to Asians.  It therefore must be a case of discrimination against white people, right?  We can play this game all day.

Statistics are often interpreted improperly, but you don’t expect it from a federal judge.  Just because a larger percentage of white people are stopped as compared to Asians, that doesn’t mean that the cops are racially profiling white people.  And just because blacks are overrepresented, it doesn’t mean that cops are racially profiling black people.

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