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I’m a Racist, You’re a Racist

I’m a Racist, You’re a Racist

A lot of white bloggers are explaining why other white bloggers, like me, are defending George Zimmerman.  One of them argues that we’re all racists, and that we just don’t want to admit it.  Her theory, which just naturally assumes George Zimmerman is a racist, is that when us white people defend him and his actions that night, we are really just “defending ourselves.”

Not even close.

You see, people like me defend George Zimmerman for one simple reason: he’s innocent!  It’s clearly a case of self-defense and anyone who denies that is letting emotion overshadow the facts.

And people like me deny that George Zimmerman is a racist for another fairly straightforward reason: there’s no evidence he’s a racist!  The evidence, in fact, says just the opposite.

You see, people like me, whether they’re black, brown, white or yellow, don’t get our opinions from partisan pundits, or preachers, or tendentious talking-heads on TV; and we don’t conflate four centuries of racial oppression with a case that should never have even gone to trial, then whine about it and cry racism from the rooftops when we don’t get the result we wanted.

People like me, you see, when it comes to making an important decision — like, say, someone’s guilt or innocence in a murder case with huge national and racial consequences — we try to remain objective.  We try to not let emotion overpower reason.  We ignore public opinion.  In other words, we try to think like a juror is supposed to think.

And, yes, in order to remain objective we  suppress our natural compassion for the victims of our forefathers, and we rise above the shame of a long history of oppression and cruelty, and we overcome the fear of retribution.  That’s what the law requires, and that is what morality requires.

We would all like to wipe the stain of slavery from the pages of our history books, but we cannot allow racial indignation and pandering to overshadow the truth.  We must set our past, and even our present, aside and judge each case weighing only the facts, considering only the evidence.  And, above all, we must not violate the most important precept of the American legal system: the presumption of innocence.

Only in America

Only in America

Only in America can a man – a man volunteering his time to be the neighborhood watch for a community experiencing break-ins, home invasions, and burglaries; a man who tutors black children and once helped a black homeless man when no one else would; a man working to be a police officer and maybe someday a prosecutor, and is taking classes to that end; a man that’s soft-spoken, conscientious to a fault, and liked by just about everyone who knows him – only in this country, can such a man be branded a violent, murdering racist.George Zimmerman

The Martin family had no intention of pursuing the case against Zimmerman.  Do you wonder why that is?  Maybe they knew what we all do now – that Trayvon was a violent kid that liked to fight.  The police, after a highly scrutinized, ultra-thorough investigation, which included dozens of interviews, said there was no case.  Every impartial analyst, pundit, or lawyer on TV said there was no case.  The Sanford D.A., not wanting to try the case, recused himself.  A special prosecutor was appointed by the governor, and the grand jury was by-passed altogether — which means that even the prosecution knew they had no case!

This was no court case; this was a show.  A show was put on at taxpayer’s expense to placate all the angry, self-righteous, professional civil rights advocates that paraded into Sanford last year.  Well, they got their show and now George Zimmerman will spend the rest of his life in fear.  I hope that nothing happens to Mr. Zimmerman, but if it does, his blood will be on the hands of these self-promoting race-baiters like Mr. Crump, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Jesse Jackson Jr., and just about every black pastor, TV lawyer, and pundit in the country who, even after the verdict, continue to fan the flames of racial indignation, when race had nothing to do with it.  Nothing.

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Don Lemon’s Advice to Black Teens

Don Lemon’s Advice to Black Teens

There are some notable exceptions to the horrendous, shamefully biased coverage of the Zimmerman case, and to the generally superficial and vaccuous on-air discussions about Don Lemon - CNNrace.  A few of them, like Don Lemon on CNN, never lost their journalistic integrity during thier coverage of the case.  And Lemon continues to discuss racism in an honest and forthright way. 

He even had the courage to say “Bill O’Reilly didn’t go far enough” regarding O’Reilly’s advice to black teens the previous night on The Factor.  Lemon listed off five pieces of advice to black teens, all far more practical than Piers Morgan’s war on guns.

Lemon List:

  1. Just because you can have a baby, doesn’t mean you should.
  2. Finish school.
  3. Respect your community.
  4. Don’t use N-word.
  5. Pull up your pants.

Not only did Lemon take a stand during his CNN slot, he also defended his position afterward.  In spite of the backlash from the liberal media and being called an “Uncle Tom” by black activists, journalists, radio-show hosts, and a couple of reverends, Lemon did not back down. 

That’s integrity, folks.  You don’t see it much anymore on cable news, so let it soak in.

CNN’s Opening Segment

CNN’s Opening Segment

CNN, AC360 MAR 19, 2012

Let’s take a look at how CNN introduced the George Zimmerman (GZ) case to the world. Keep in mind the shooting was only three weeks earlier and this is CNN’s very first prime-time discussion. Anderson Cooper (AC) first summarize the case, then reports that Zimmerman hasn’t been charged because the Sanford police say they have “no evidence to Anderson Cooperdispute his claim of self-defense.” But Cooper goes on to say, “Keeping them honest, though, from everything we’ve heard today, there is something.” So we see that within the opening paragraph of CNN’s prime-time coverage – in the introduction to the segment – Cooper is already implying that the Sanford police department is either incompetent or corrupt.

Let’s pick it up from there with an excerpt from the actual transcript:

AC: 911 tapes of the incident seemed to show that Zimmerman did not flee or even simply stand his ground as Florida’s deadly force law permits. But that he pursued Trayvon Martin with a 9-millimeter pistol.

Now Martin, remember, was on the way back to his dad’s fiancé’s condo to watch the NBA All-Star game. He wasn’t armed, he was carrying a bag of Skittles and an iced tea. He was wearing jeans, white tennis sneakers, and a hoodie.

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Rachel Jenteel Silences Media

Rachel Jenteel Silences Media

Since Rachel Jenteel told the Huffington Post last week that she believed Trayvon took the first punch, the media coverage of the Zimmerman case has virtually stopped.

As much as I hate to admit, Rush Limbaugh was right on this one: no one in the “lame-stream” media has even touched her incriminating statement about Trayvon Martin.  So not only did the liberal media sacrifice their journalistic integrity and do great damage to their credibility, they gave Limbaugh a win.  They gave the far right wingnuts a win.  For that alone they should apologize!

Rachel JenteelHow could the media’s interest, the public’s interest, in the “civil rights case of the century” dissipate so quickly?  Where are the protesters?  The reverends?  Where’s Spike Lee?  And where are the Black Panthers?  The NAACP?  Where did all that black indignation go?  Where did the sugary overcompensating self-congratulatory white pandering go?

Here’s the only question that matters: Where is the apology to George Zimmerman?  If Spike Lee, or any Black Panther, or Sharpton had even a fraction of the decency that Mr. Zimmerman, by all accounts, possesses, they would apologize for their shameful behavior.