Top 10

Here are the top ten race-baiters and panderers on cable news. Not only do they owe George Zimmerman an apology, they owe one to every person victimized (see Victims) due to their reckless, dishonest coverage.

We must hold them accountable.

  1. Al Sharpton (MSNBC)
  2. Piers Morgan (CNN)
  3. Sunny Hostin (CNN)
  4. Martin Bashir (CNN)
  5. Charles Blow (CNN)
  6. Nancy Grace (HLN)
  7. Joy Reid (MSNBC)
  8. Melissa-Harris Perry (MSNBC)
  9. Anderson Cooper (CNN)
  10. Jane-Velez Mitchell (HLN)

This list is subject to change, but please give me anything you got on these buffoons, or any other suggestions.


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