As expected, the backlash has begun.  We have our first victim directly related to the Zimmerman case.  It is only appropriate to remember all the people who might be alive today if not for the pandering of Piers Morgan; or the tendentious legal analysis of Sunny Hostin; or the self-righteous, self-promoting, indignation of Al Sharpton; or the almost endless parade of sanctimonious race-baiters who dominated CNN, MSNBC and HLN air-time over the last two years.

While there is no way to know exactly how much influence the Zimmerman coverage had on black youth in this country, we need only look at the protests after the verdict, the riots, and social media to see that black America is still angry.  And that anger is directly related to the shameful media coverage of the Zimmerman case.

These are the victims we know of, but surely there are many, many more.

  1. Antonio Santiago:  13-month old baby (allegedly) shot in face by a black teen on March 21.  Until someone proves me wrong, I am going to assume that the Zimmerman coverage angered this thug enough to commit such an atrocity.  If the presumption of guilt is good enough for the treatment of George Zimmerman, it’s good enough for this thug.
  2. Jason Taylor Paul:  Stabbed to death by black 16-year old who claims he killed Paul because “he was having a bad day.”
  3. White person 1:  “Peckerwood” or “wood” is black slang for white person.  And, according to texts of one of Christopher Lane’s murderer’s, “he dropped 5 Woods since Zimmerman case.”  That means he’s punched and knocked out five (5) white people.  These are not confirmed, but we will take him at his word.  To not would be racist, right?
  4. White person 2
  5. White person 3
  6. White person 4
  7. White person 5
  8. Christopher Lane:  Australian, 22-year old college student; shot in the back and killed with a .22 calibre pistol by three thugs, two of them black, ages 15-17.  At least one had racist texts about hating white people and Zimmerman case (see above).
  9. Delbert Belton:  WWII vet, 88-years old; beaten to death by two black thugs, ages 16-19.  Just a guess, but until I see otherwise, this man is another victim of the hatred and anger in black America, primarily due to the people listed on this blog.
  10. White 13-year old boy:  He was beaten by three black teenage thugs on a bus.
  11. Rape victim 1:  24-year old woman gang-raped by a dozen or so black thugs ranging in age from 12 to 17.
  12. Rape victim 2:  32-year old woman also gang-raped by the thugs.
  13. Assault victim 1: One of three victims of a black man in New York who proclaimed that he was going to punch the first white person that walks by.  Victims ages were 18 to 69, the oldest still in critical condition.
  14. Assault victim 2: The 62-year old victim died a few days ago.
  15. Assault victim 3:
  16. ?: Pizza deliver killed by four black thugs, ranging in ages from 16 to 20.
  17. ?
  18. Me?
  19. ?
  20. ?
  21. ?
  22. ?
  23. You?

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